Our services include preparatory courses for international language tests (IELTS and TOEFL ibt), courses for business and academic English, training packages or capacity development, DEL program, CIT, DIT and consulting services for studying abroad.


Our vision is to be the best professional training and consultancy service provider in Afghanistan. We aim to provide quality services in the area of capacity building, professional training, education and consulting with international standards.



We believe in business ethics, service quality, integrity and mutual understanding. We believe in equal opportunities for both men and women. We believe in growth that comes as a result of our client's growth. We do not believe that earning a lot of money is a company's growth parameter, but the only parameter that determines our success and growth is earning our client's satisfaction..


Our mission is not only to provide services such as training, capacity development and consultancy with a professional attitude and per international standards, but also to transform AFGHAN AIM into a leading service provider in the aforementioned areas.For that reason, we have appointed a qualified research and development unit where our expert staff aims to adapt the use of new technologies and methodologies in training and education, by consulting with professionals around the world in the relevant areas and implementing examples from other leading countries. Furthermore, AFGHAN AIM works on the improvement of organizational and management structure so that AFGHAN AIM is registered with all international entities in the area of service standardization and to make sure that AFGHAN AIM is aligned with the organizational and management structure of any leading international services provider.